Typically fees are between $325 to $450 for Single Family Residences and $600 to $800 for Multifamily and Estate Properties, depending on complexity.

Please call for a quote.

Types of Real Estate Appraised

Single Family Residences, Large Estates,

Multifamily Properties 2-4 units, Condominiums, Horse Properties.

Gabrielle Robin Certified Real Estate Appraiser

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What I Offer

Expert Appraisals

Fast, Reliable Service

Competitive Pricing

Types of Appraisals

Estate, Date of Death, Forensic, Retrospective, Review, Tax, Pre-Listing, Market Value for Sale, Lending for Purchase or Refinance, REO, FHA, Bankruptcy, Federal Bond, Bail and Divorce Appraisals.

17 Years Experience in Southern California

What You Can Expect

The Appraisal process starts with an inspection. If hired, I will inspect the subject property where I will measure the exterior and take photographs of all rooms on the interior and all sides of the exterior. I will likely have questions about things that cannot be seen like plumbing, age of roof, sprinklers, building permits, etc. I will then find comparable properties and drive the neighborhood and take photographs. Then it is time to write the report, which can take 4-6 hrs. I can usually complete the process in 1-2 days after inspection and will send the appraisal in pdf format and/or mail you a color copy.

Tip: It is very helpful for the Appraiser to know ahead of time if the subject has any additions that might not be reflected on public records, if there are any major renovations or alterations, if there are any major defects and if there is a view.

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