17 Years Experience in Southern California
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‚ÄčCertified Residential License in the State of California

License# AR027782

Expiration 08/22/2018   Available upon request

Tips:  When choosing an Appraiser, go to www.OREA.ca.gov and do an Appraiser search to

see if they are compliant, or search for an

Appraiser by City. Ask questions of your Appraiser,

it is your right to understand the process. They are not permitted to discuss value with you. Only a Certified Residential Appraiser can appraise properties with a loan value over $1M, and only a Certified General Appraiser can appraise Commercial Properties.

Errors & Omission Insurance

by Liability Insurance Administrators.

$500,000 / $1,000,000 aggregate

Expiration 02/18/2018   Available upon request

Resume and References

Available upon request


I started as a Trainee Appraiser in 1999. I had the pleasure of being trained by an expert family of Appraisers for 2000 hours, at which time I received my Appraisal License. In 2008, after completing 130 hours of Appraisal Education and passing a very tough exam, I became a Certified Residential Appraiser. In my 17 years of experience as an Appraiser, I have completed over 4,000 Appraisals. I have lived in many different cities in and around Los Angeles County and I am absolutely qualified to Appraise in all of the cities on the previous page and many more.

Tips:  A couple of important points I would like you to take from my site; if you do not choose me to do your Appraisal, whomever you choose should not live or work far away. Unfortunately, many Appraisers will drive far outside their area of expertise and appraise in Cities where they are not familiar. As you know, Cities and Neighborhoods have boundaries and nuances that are not easily understood unless the Appraiser lives or regularly works in the area of the subject property. Rather than accepting a poor Appraisal, ask the Appraisal Management Company (AMC) to provide a local Appraiser. Beware of Appraisers who claim to do many in a day. A good Appraisal takes hours to complete. Ask the Appraiser where they are from and their familiarity of the subject property area.

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